It sure was a lot of fun hanging around the Cardinal Café hosting the KDHL morning show from the Rice County Fair last week. Sure, the food was very good but it was the joshing and smart remarks or atmosphere that was so enjoyable. It was the same over at the Rice County Pork Producers Dakota Rice Corn and Soybean Growers Pork Stand. Did things get out of hand so we needed the Sherriff at the Cardinal Café to restore some order?

No things did not get out of hand at the Cardinal Café but we did have Rice County Sherriff Troy Dunn running the grill at the Cardinal Café. Troy has taken a shift at the Cardinal Café on a Friday afternoon for many years. I did hear (from a very reliable source) that Troy was the instigator of a lot of the joshing around at the Cardinal Café. There was also something about ringing a cow bell every time he served an AmiaBlu cheese burger?

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