Just another brick in this COVID-19 wall, Minnesota has now put a ban on all large in-person graduation ceremonies.

Minnesota education and health officials are banning large, in-person graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the safest way for schools to celebrate is for everyone to stay home.

The state isn't allowing these ceremonies to happen indoors, or outdoors in a football field or stadium setting. Virtual ceremonies are the top recommendation by officials.

They are allowing car parades and parking lot ceremonies, and recommend households stay in their respective vehicles. If windows are rolled down it is also recommended they park 6 feet apart. Diplomas, caps, and gowns can also be distributed in a contactless fashion.

My heart is breaking for all students in high school and college that won't get to dawn their caps and gowns, walk across the stage, and receive their diploma for all their hard work. Of course, they still graduated but the ceremony is something people really look forward to.

My fiance's sister is a high school senior this year on the graduation ceremony committee. Along with her school officials, they had a plan in place for their ceremony to happen in the school football field with marker flags set up at a safe distance for all the families to come and watch. They were going to wrap up the event with a parade and a slideshow at the Long Prairie Drive-In Theater, here's to hoping at least those things can still happen.

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