Talking with farm groups and commodity organizations at the Farm Broadcasters Convention there was a lot of discussion about the new Farm Bill. Remember the current Farm Bill expired in October. The U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate each passed a new Farm Bill. Now a conference committee is trying to rectify the differences. Apparently the only major difference is that the House Version has a work requirement for able bodied Americans who receive SNAP or food benefits.

I did not realize how important it is that Congress finish the Farm Bill in this Lame Duck Congress. I was told at the Farm Broadcasters Convention that if Congress does not pass the Farm Bill the conference committee is working on, the new Congress will have to start all over. Yes, all the work on the new Farm Bill will be lost. The new Congress will have to start all over on a new Farm Bill. I hope I am wrong but I have thought for months that Congress will not get a new Farm Bill passed and the expired Farm Bill will be extended for a year.

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