This weekend I was at the Minnesota Farm Bureau and Minnesota Farmers Union annual conventions. One of the top topics of discussion was the new Farm Bill. Remember the current Farm Bill Expired in October, The U.S. House and Senate each passed a Farm Bill and now a Conference Committee is trying to work out the differences. Then the House and Senate must pass the Farm Bill again and send it to President Trump to sign it into law.

Ranking Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee Collin Peterson spoke at  both Conventions Saturday morning and said he was still hopeful that the new Farm Bill could still get passed in this Lame Duck Session of Congress. If it does not get passed the new Congress in January will have to start all over on a new Farm Bill.

Represenative Peterson did not talk about a "plan B" if the Lame Duck Congress does not pass a new Farm Bill but that would likely mean the expired Farm Bill would get extended for a year.

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