According to KSTP, a female Lakeville South senior and her parent have filed a lawsuit after being told she could not try out for the boys tennis team.

The suit was filed in district court yesterday against the school and the Minnesota State High School league. The suit says that the student was "denied a constitutionally protected right without due process."

The KSTP story also said the student did try out for the girls tennis team in the fall of last year but decided not to participate. She did not have any exams or fill out any forms or pay fees. The student says her tryout lasted less than five hours and she did not want to participate afterward due to the as she said "negative and abusive and unhealthy educational environment."

The MSHSL said in their ruling that,"Students cannot participate in more than one interscholastic season in a given sport in each school year or more than six seasons in any sport while enrolled in grades 7 to 12."

In the lawsuit, they claim they did not violate the rules and participated on the girls team for four years. It also states that the athletic director, Neil Strader, knew the head coach of the girls tennis team violated school and MSHSL rules.

The girl says that she received the support of the coach and members of the boys team in support of her wanting to be on that team and had met other requirements. The league is in the process of reviewing a letter from the family to the board. She cannot practice or play with the team until completion of the review.



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