This is a bean field I drive by on my way out to the farm. It was planted on July 15, 2020 after the peas were harvested. It was getting very late in the season to try planting beans but I guess this farmer decided it was worth the gamble. I took this picture Sunday afternoon and you can see the affects of the cold temperatures as the top leaves on the soybean plants were burned by the frost.

I did not walk out in the field because it was not my farm but it looks like the frost killed the top leaves but did not penetrate lower into the canopy. Maybe the beans will still be able to take advantage of the warm weather we will have this week. The beans have looked very nice all summer since they emerged and they were over 12 inches tall when they were "dinged" by the frost.

In terms of the corn and beans that were planted last spring the frost did not do any damage. In fact is was likely a good thing. Some of the bean stems were still  green even though the beans were dry. This frost will held the stems dry down so it is easier to harvest them!

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