Recently we talked about how Alexa is always listening to you and sharing what you say to your Echo with Amazon employees. Something that's recently come out that feels slightly more disturbing is that the kid's version of Alexa will never forget what your kid says to it, even if you delete the conversation.

Advocacy groups are now asking the FTC to investigate. KARE 11 reports that on top of Alexa saving those conversations, they also want the FTC to investigate because of "other alleged privacy flaws they found while testing the service."

One group fighting this did a test and took a video of it as proof. They had a child tell the Echo Dot Kids Edition to remember that they have a walnut allergy. The adults then went to delete that conversation. But when the child asked Alexa what it remembers, it says the child is allergic to walnuts. Kind of creepy, right?

Allison Fitzpatrick is a lawyer who helps companies comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requirements. She told KARE 11 "that on their face, the new allegations against Amazon appear troubling."


Source: KARE 11


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