Senior 6'3 Laden Nerison scored his 1,000th career point in the first half tonight in a 58-38 win over the Bethlehem Academy Cardinals in the Castle at Kenyon.

Nerison needed 20 points to hit 1,000 and had 24 first half points for the Knights.

They did stop the game when Nerison achieved the milestone and presented a basketball with 1,000 points marked on it to him.

At one point in the first half it was Nerison 18 and BA 15.

Kenyon-Wanamingo pulled away to take a 36-17 halftime lead.  Every player entered the game for both teams.

Ten players scored for the Knights and 6 players for the Cardinals.

Our Held Bus Service Knights of the game were Nerison and classmate Paul Kortsch.  Kortsch scored 8 points in the paint, blocked multiple shots and altered many others.

Senior 6'3 Justin Simones of BA leads his team in scoring because he is so good around the basket.  I call him the glass man because most baskets he makes are banked off the backboard.

Kortsch blocked a few of his shots in the first half and other Cardinals players too.

Simones did lead BA with 10 points but most of those came in the second half when Kortsch was not in the game.

Simones and classmate 6'2 Bradlee Sartor were our Malecha's Auto Body of Faribault Crunch Time Faribault Players of the Game.  Sartor finished the game with 8 points.

I said during the broadcast Knights Head Coach Brent Lurken would not be happy with the 19 turnovers his team committed against a half court zone defense. Coach Lurken told me after the game they didn't do a lot of full court pressure defense because they specifically wanted to work on their half court offense.

Lurken says they will have to execute more half court offense during the playoffs.  Especially if they get to the deeper rounds they are hoping to participate in.

Nerrison was chosen for our Cashwise Foods and Pharmacy of Owatonna Delivery of the Game for his delivery of 24 first half points. He did not score in the few minutes he played in the second half.

The Knights are 13-3 overall, 8-2 in Gopher Conference action.  Bethlehem Academy is 1-5 in the conference, 3-9 overall.

Nerison became the 8th Kenyon-Wanamingo boys player to achieve 1,000 points.  In attendance was Jason Quam all-time boys scorer for K-W with 1,170 points.

Nerison now sits at 1,004 with approximately 10 games left in the regular season.  Remember teams had shortened seasons in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Jason's daughter Mara was also in the gym.  She is the all-time K-W scorer boys and girls with 2,134 points.

Here is the listing of K-W boys 1,000 point scorers and the year they graduated.

  • Jason Quam 1993
  • Hans Sviggum 1999
  • Brent Lurken 2001
  • Brady Anfinson 2011
  • Brandon Quam 2011
  • Gavin Roosen 2017
  • Tate Erlandson 2020
  • Laden Nerison 2022

I will try to track down the list from Kenyon High School and Wanamingo High School because it's always fun to see these accomplishments.

I know back in my day it was a rarer feat because fewer games were played and you never saw freshmen or younger play.

This is a interesting list.

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