Kenyon-Wanamingo Public School District (ISD 2172) voters gave thumbs up to a request to increase current per pupil funding for the next ten years.

The school district's current $295.68 authorization is set to expire.  It will be replaced by a $950 per pupil funding and will increase by the rate of inflation each year for the next ten years.

The vote was 995 in favor, 549 against it's implementation.  There was also one blank ballot.

The 1,545 total votes cast represent 42.1 percent  of the registered voters in the school district as of 7:00 a.m. election day.

Results by precinct went like this.  In Kenyon 655 Yes, 320 No.  In Wanamingo 340 Yes, 229 No.

I spoke with an elated K-W School Superintendent Bryan Boysen to get his reaction to the results.  You can hear his comments below.

Other election results included passage by Lakeville voters for the sale of $38,000,000 Million dollars in General Obligation Bonds to develop recreational trails, construct new community park facilities, improve existing parks and athletic courts, construct an outdoor ice sheet at Hasse Arena and make improvements to Arts and Environmental Learning Centers.

7,346 Lakeville residents voted yes, 4,681 voted no.  That's 12,029 total votes cast with 45,979 registered voters in Lakeville.  Approximately 26.2 percent turnout.

The Lakeville School District (ISD 194) asked voters if they should increase the size of their school board from six to seven members.  It passed, 8,147 to 3,684.  Total votes are 11,831.  The district comprises more than just the city of Lakeville.  Those total voter registriation numbers are not available at this time.

Lakeville School District voters also elected Cinta Schmitz to be a replacement on the board in a close race.  Schmitz received 5,974 votes or 49.69% while Carly Anderson garnered 5,793 votes or 48.18%.  That might require a recount.

In Lonsdale Tom Rud was elected Mayor with 396 votes cast.  There were 303 write-in votes.  Evidently a number of people didn't vote for Mayor because there were 864 total votes cast for Lonsdale City Council.  Results there were:

  • Scott Pelava 482
  • David Webb  324
  • Lance Benninghoff 318
  • Write-in           40

The 864 votes cast equals approximately 32 percent of the registered voters in Lonsdale as of 7:00 a.m. Election day.

As of post time there were some other school district results not available yet.  Hopefully they will be available for our 7:05 a.m. Report on KDHL 920 AM, 97.9 FM, KDHL app.

This makes me feel old.  What do you think?

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