The Kenyon police department is warning residents, and others in Southern Minnesota about a new type of theft that has been happening around town and may also be happening elsewhere. The type of theft is oddly specific, with the thieves targeting camper cords, more than likely for their copper.

Kenyon Police took to their Facebook page to give the warning.

The post from the Kenyon police department reads:

In the past week, we have received multiple reports of camper electrical cords being cut and eventually taken. We believe the people doing this are after the copper from wires.
If you have a camper, we suggest that you minimize the amount of time that it's plugged into your house, and continue to monitor it if it is plugged in. It may also be a good idea to have a trail cam, motion lights, or other form of surveillance to keep an eye on your valuables.
Lastly, if you see something, say something. Please report any suspicious activity to Goodhue County Dispatch at 651-385-3155.
Thank you and stay safe.
The oddly specific target of the thieves is one that appears all too common with camper vehicles. The long thick cord often can be found linking the camper to an electrical source to power objects, and to recharge the batteries that power various appliances inside the camper.
Some solutions offered by the Kenyon Police Department are to "minimize the amount of time that it's plugged into your house, and continue to monitor it if it is plugged in via trail cam, ring camera, motion lights, or some other form of surveillance."

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