Kenyon Veterans  Color Guard Commander Mike McDonald is happy to see Memorial Day observances back to previous events.  McDonald joined us on a recent KDHL AM Minnesota program ot go over the events in Kenyon on Monday, May 31, 2021.

McDonald announced between Kenyon and Nerstrand the KVCG places flags on the graves of Veterans in 17 cemeteries.  That activity began Thursday.  I did see a number of people working in Kenyon Cemetery when I drove by on Saturday.

A short Memorial Observance was done at Vang Lutheran Cemetery this morning. This afternoon some Vietnam Veterans from the region stop by the Gol Cemetery to remember a couple Kenyon men killed in action who are buried there.  Ben Danielson and Gordy Gunhus.

Memorial Day Parade in Kenyon starts at Speedway Station 10:30 a.m. and goes east to the Kenyon Cemetery where a program will take place.

McDonald told KDHL the Kenyon-Wanamingo Marching Band under the direction of Claire Larson will be in the parade and provide music at the program.  "It's just like it used to be." He stated.

Program Chairman Paul Senjem will emcee the program.

Gwen Buckinham is Chaplain for the cemetery program.  Kenyon Mayor Doug Henke will give a greeting.

The keynote speaker is Haakon Torgerson who served in the U.S. Army in World War II.  According to McDonald the presentation should be very interesting. Torgerson was working as a missionary before the war broke out and was captured by the Japanese.

The program will conclude with a couple members of the Kenyon-Wanamingo High School Band playing Taps.  McDonald was a proud Grandpa when he said his granddaughter was one of the horn players.

McDonald also reminded listeners, "This is also a great time to check the condition of your flag.  If it's Torn or tattered or faded or anything, replace it.  We've got flags for sale at the Kenyon V.F.W."

Check this out.

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