Earlier this week after the USDA released some of the details and the payment rates for the COVID-19 aid package for farmers. So, I called Ag Analyst Kent Thiesse. I just did not have time to go through all the requirements, rules and payment rates for grain and livestock farmers. Plus, it is often put in terms I cannot understand anyway! But then, I do not have to try and figure it out because I know someone like Kent that can and does read it all and can explain it in terms I can understand!

I think it is safe to say most farmers raising corn and soybeans were disappointed when they found out the dollars available in the COVID-19 aid package. Most, myself included thought the total payments would be similar to the Market Facilitation Program payments. They appear to be quite a lot less. However, for livestock producers and dairymen it looks like they the payments will really help. Click on the following link and listen to Kent's thoughts on COVID-19 payments for livestock!


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