I love traveling, and the list of places I would like to see far exceeds what I will probably ever get a chance to get to. I would love to travel throughout the entire world, but I would also love to see more of the United States. Lately, everywhere I go, I'm hearing about people's latest adventures, which has me dreaming about taking one of my own. Here are the five places topping my U.S. travel wish list!

In no particular order, here are my top five U.S. destinations!
This is just a small portion of the places I would love to travel to in the U.S.? Where would you like to go in our nation?


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    The red sandstone formations that create Arches National Park are awe-inspiring! I would love to spend some time taking scenic drives, hiking and exploring the arches.
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    Yellowstone National Park

    As our nation’s first national park, this had to be on the list. Well-known for Old Faithful, geysers and mountains, you could make several trips and still have so much more to see!
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    On the itinerary for this northern visit would be Glacier National Park, whale watching, the Alaska Railroad, Anchorage, Chena Hot Springs and Denali National Park for starters.
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    Route 66

    Okay, this actually covers several states spanning from Chicago to California, but that is one of the things I find appealing about it. I love the idea of taking a road trip across the country, seeing various landscapes and quirky attractions, and following this historic path.
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    It may be the youngest state in the Union, but what it lacks in age, it makes up for in appeal! Pearl Harbor would be on the list, as would exploring all six of the major islands, taking in the beaches, various shades of sand and the volcanoes.

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