The Washington Post used information from the 2014 Census to determine the most popular road names in America. The report is a couple of years old, but given road names don't vary much, I thought it would be interesting to see if Faribault followed the national trend and was home to the top 10 road names. 

The answer is mixed, Faribault has some, but not all of the top 10 street names. The most popular street name in the United States is Park. For some reason, this surprised me a bit, but according to the article, there are actually 9,640 roads in America proudly bearing the name Park. Faribault is right on trend with this, having three streets using that name. We have Park Avenue, Park Place and Park Road.

The predictable use of numbers for street names is common throughout the country with First, Second, Third and Fourth (regardless of if it is listed as 1st or First, they were considered the same) all landing in the top 10 street names. All of them are also in Faribault.

Maple claims the title as sixth most popular. Faribault does not have Maple, but we do have a variation with Maple Lawn. Also on the top 10 list are Oak and Pine, of which Faribault has neither. Main also has a spot on the national list, but is not found in Faribault; instead, we have Central.

Faribault is also filled with streets that are local family names, and a few that reflect back on the history of the area with names like Alexander Way, Faribault Road and Wipple Way.

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