It’s no secret that I enjoy coffee. I love the scent, the flavor, catching up with friends over a cup at the coffee shop, and of course the energy boost it provides. It was even once suggested that a segment called “Coffee with Kelly” should be created!

Lately though, with the cold gray weather, I find myself reaching for my coffee mug even more. Within 10 minutes of waking up, I have a glass in my hands. I sip it while I proceed with my morning routine, and time permitting, I grab a refill. If I have a meeting, you can bet I’ll be asking you to pass the coffee, and by 3 o’clock, I am ready for another serving. If I decide I crave more past that point, I try to switch to decaf. With all that, needless to say, I am drinking a decent amount of coffee. But full disclosure, there was a time when I would drink a pot of coffee by myself, every day, and still want more. By comparison, my current coffee consumption doesn’t seem so bad.

Pro tip, if you enjoy or need the caffeine boost like I sometimes do, chocolate-covered coffee beans are also great. I like to keep them in a desk drawer and pull them out when the coffee is out, or it’s too late in the day to justify making another pot. Just a couple gives an energy boost, and the combination of coffee and chocolate is always a winner. And I try to offset the coffee with a glass of water for each coffee refill. Come summer a few of those coffees will be replaced with cold lemonade, but when it’s gray and raining outside, I’ll be sticking with hot coffee!

How much coffee do you drink a day?

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