Friday morning I called Tom Hoverstad who is  Scientist at the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. I knew Tom would be able to tell me which year it was that the entire month of October was similar to this year. I know it is only October 6th, but the long range forecast looks like most of next week will be cool, cloudy and wet. The year I was thinking of, no harvesting or field work was done the entire month of October.

Tom remembered the year too and checked the weather data. Tom said the miserable year was 2009. That year in October we saw 4.55 inches more rain than normal and the temperatures were 5.7 degrees colder than normal. In 2009 when November 1st rolled  around we saw sunshine and warm temperatures. That continued for the entire month! November of 2009 was 9.8 degrees warmer than normal and rainfall totaled 1.41 inches less than normal.

So, stretches of weather like this have happened before, and will again. We have to keep the faith that Mother Nature will eventually cooperate. Plus, the "law of averages" should be in our favor. When you see a stretch of weather that is much wetter, colder and more cloudy than normal, eventually you should see an equal stretch of weather at the opposite extreme, warmer, drier and more sunshine than normal.

That is the law of averages right? Normal weather is the averages of the extremes! We are seeing our extreme bad weather, sooner or later we will see the extreme nice weather. Sure hope it is sooner rather than later!

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