Approximately one hour after the KDHL Medallion Hunt clue #2 was read at 7:05 a.m. Thursday, June 13, 2024 Alex Linse and his mom brought the treasure to the studio.

Alex said he did some research on the internet following the first clue concerning Faribault history.  After hearing the second clue he hightailed it to Seabury Park, not far from the former Johnston Hall building (and current monument) which used to be on the Seabury Divinity School campus.

The second clue talked about an, "institution started by a Faribault man who wore a gown."   Alex correctly guessed that was Bishop Henry Whipple who started the school not long after arriving in Faribault in 1860.

The Seminary continued it's teaching until 1937.

The KDHL Medallion handcrafted by Chappuis Jewelers and engraved by Star Sports and Apparel was located next to a tetherball pole in Seabury Park.

Paul Penansky, Faribault Parks and Recreation Director told KDHL the city doesn't have information about when parks were named or why they were named.  Although it's probably safe to assume Seabury was named after the seminary started by Bishop Whipple.

Linse receives an 8-pack of tickets to a Minnesota Twins game against the Cleveland Indians in August and $150 cash for his efforts in addition to having the silver medallion in his possession.

I've listed all the clues below:

#1  It's time for Faribault's community celebration called Heritage Days
Many fun events for people of all ages to enjoy in a myriad of ways

The KDHL Medallion Hunt starts today even thought the events begin tomorrow
The Chappuis Jewelers handcrafted medallion engraved by Star Sports and                    Apparel brings no sorrow.

#2   Faribault is rich with history as evidenced by scores of nationally recognized                   structures
The treasure you seek is not far from one former site that was toppled by a crusher

These historic places are all over town
This historic gem recalls an institution started by a Faribault man who wore a gown

#3   If there were a Mount Rushmore of Faribault's elite this man would be on it
He arrived in 1860, soon after would start a school teaching a specific lit

Native American and white students would study side by side, vision of Bishop               Whipple
He was called straight tongue by Native Americans because his word was not                fickle

#4    The Medallion can be found south of the former Johnston Hall site
It was a building on the campus of a seminary that was here more than one night

This park with swings and a slide takes it's name in honor of that school
Seabury was first Bishop of Protestant Episcopal Church which is pretty cool

#5    Enter the park not far from a state correctional facilty and River Bend
The Medallion in a baggie is near a Tetherball pole at the south end

This should bring you right to the location of the silver piece
Thanks for hunting alone, or with your nephew or niece

KDHL thanks the Faribault Heritage Days Committee, Chappuis Jewelers of Faribault and Star Sports and Apparel of Faribault for their assistance in continuing this longstanding Faribault tradition.

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Gallery Credit: Sarah Jones

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