Sometimes with the hours that radio announcers work we either get here before our McDonald's is open or when we get done breakfast is over. And we are still craving that Egg McMuffin or a hotcakes meal.

As of today, it's not a problem anymore. Because participating area McDonald's are now offering all-day breakfast. When Mike Eiler of the Power 96 morning show heard this, his first comments were similar to those of Homer Simpson talking about donuts. "Ahghhhhhhh" and a little drooling was involved. As he was enjoying the Egg McMuffins that McDonald's brought all of us this morning he said, "This is really delicious, a great way to start the day." I think this a great idea. Sometimes when I work Saturday mornings I am not done before 10:30AM and would still like something on the breakfast menu, so this makes me happy. Farm Director Jerry Groskretuz says, "I will definitely eat this." And as a farmer, "McDonald's does a lot to support Minnesota agriculture, and that makes this farmer happy." And Kelly, who is on a "Whole Lotta Lunch" on Power96 and afternoons on KDHL, loves the hash browns and is glad they are now available anytime. News Director Gordy Kosfeld likes the Egg McMuffins, and is happy if he's coming home late from covering an area sports event that he can pick one up.

So enjoy the new all-day breakfast at participating McDonald's. And listen to win Arch Cards worth $10. And VIPs can win some online as well.