We enjoy a pretty decent standard of living here in southeast Minnesota, free from many violent crimes. But just which Minnesota cities are actually the safest?

Well, that's what a new list from the crew over at Security Barron just found out. They ranked each of Minnesota's biggest 125 biggest cities according to how safe they are. And, according to their list, they used concrete data from the FBI's 2016 and 2017 Uniform Crime Reports that looks at crimes committed, including murder rate, theft rate, robbery rate, vehicle theft rate, and more compared to each city's median income and more.

"We provide the most important information that you need to know, such as the city’s population, violent and property crime rates and trends, median income, average household income, and an overall safety score and ranking. Plus, we’ll show you all the specific numbers for the above rates, in addition to larceny-theft rates and the total number of civilians working in law offices," the site said.

So just which city IS Minnesota's Safest? Security Barron says it's... Big Lake. Big Lake is a city of just under 11,000 located about 50 minutes northwest of the Twin Cities, just off I-94. They're first on the list of Minnesota's Safest Cities for 2019.

Then, after Big Lake, it's Orono, Corcoran, Cold Spring, and West Hennepin rounding out the top 5. Lake City is the highest-rate safe city near us, coming in at #7 on the list. You have to go all the way down to #27 (where Kasson is ranked on the list) to find a city directly in our neck of the woods.

So where does Rochester rank on the Safest Cities list? We're all the way down at #55 this year! (I guess you can't argue with the numbers, but it sure seems like we'd rank higher than 55, doesn't it?) Albert Lea came in at #75 and Winona 77th. You can check the entire list HERE.

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