Thursday evening I got started harvesting corn. I was going to combine a couple thousand bushels to get the corn dryer going this afternoon. It was going great until all at once the horn went off in the cab. Looking up at the computer screen I saw the engine temperature had thrown a warning. I glanced over at the actual temperature gauge and it was showing the engine was hot so I quickly shut it down.

I clawed up on the back of the combine, opened the engine compartment and quickly saw the problem. The fan belt broke. When the radiator fans stops a diesel engine under a heavy load will overheat very quickly. Thanks to the computer it alerted me to the problem before the engine was severely damaged. In the picture is the display in my combine cab with all the warning lights.

Yes, the computer can monitor all those functions on the combine and let me know if something is wrong! Maybe computers are a good thing to have on your combine and tractors!

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