Jordan Davis is coining a fresh phrase with his new summer single, "Singles You Up."

According to an interview with Sounds Like Nashville, the clever tagline came about after Davis and "Singles You Up" co-writer Steven Dale Jones congratulated the song's third songwriter — Justin Ebach — on his recent engagement. The two thought it was smart that Ebach didn't "single her up," and after a 90-minute writing session, the new pop-country anthem was complete.

The song revolves around a relationship between a guy and girl who appear to be friends, but the guy is cooly interested in becoming more. However, there is a roadblock: the girl is apparently dating a doofus who doesn't give her enough attention, at least from the guy's point of view.

Lyrically, the non-boyfriend isn't pressuring her into a relationship as heavy as other recent country hits — Old Dominion's "Break Up with Him" ( "I know you ain't in love with him / Break up with him") is a strong example. Instead, he opts for the words "no rush" in the chorus.

The front of the chorus is an easygoing singalong, while Davis delivers a fresh rhythm and internal rhyme scheme in the back half of the chorus that takes the song to a new place. He also bookends the chorus with the words, "singles you up," giving fans every opportunity to soak up the catchy phrase.

Why Fans Will Love It: The production and attitude screams summer jam, and it coins a new phrase for the hip crowd to hold onto.

Key Lyrics: If he ever singles you up / If he’s ever stupid enough / I’m a be the first one calling you baby."

Did You Know?: When he was a kid, Jordan Davis used to sing songs (and sometimes make up songs) while his father played guitar. The two were big John Prine fans.

Listen to Jordan Davis, "Singles You Up"

Jordan Davis' "Singles You Up" Lyrics:


“If he ever singles you up / If he’s ever stupid enough / I’ma be the first one calling you baby / If he ain’t holding you tight / If he ain’t treating you right / I’ma be the first one calling him crazy / ’Cause girl it’s just a matter of time until you find / That the right guy’s staring you back into your eyes right now / No rush, but if he ever singles you up ...”

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