Not that we can do anything about it but it is going to be hot and humid this weekend. Farmers are concerned about how the corn and beans will be affected. There is plenty of moisture lower in the soil profile but can the small corn and beans access it? The plants do not have an extensive root system like they would later on in July and August. It is unusual to have 100 degree temperatures in early June.

You  have to wonder what the soil temperature will be at the base of the plant on a sunny day with the temperature around 100 degrees. Because it is so early in the season the crop canopy is not there yet to shade the soil. With the sun shining can it get hot enough to "cook" the plants right at the soil surface? I suspect we will get through the heat and the corn and soybeans will survive just fine.

However, I will be monitoring my corn, beans, and especially sweet corn and peas. The sweet corn and peas were planted Memorial Day weekend so they are just emerging now. Those plants root systems are just starting to develop now.

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