Well I got 50 percent of my winners right last week. Atlanta downed the Seahawks 36-20. I had Seattle by 10. Then I thought Dallas would take Green Bay out but the Packers got a break and won 34-31. I said the Patriots would win over Houston by 13, and they won by 18. And finally, I had the Steelers over the Chiefs by 3 and they won by 2.

So now we are down to four. The conference champions will be crowned on Sunday and we'll see who will go to the Super Bowl in Houston on Feb. 5.

I think that Aaron Rogers and the Packers are on a mission and that is to get to Houston. I think it will be close, like 6 points, but they will win over Atlanta.

Then in the night cap the Steelers and Patriots, both of which have eight previous Super Bowl appearances: 2011 for Pittsburgh and 2015 for New England. I give the edge to the Patriots here by 3.

So Packers and the Patriots in the big game. Maybe? But will have to wait until after Sunday night to find out.

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