Mike Peterson is a farmer from Northfield and also has a repair shop. Years ago when Mike's family was cleaning out their dad's shed they found an old John Deere walking plow. Mike knew that the symbol for the Minnesota Farmers Union was a walking plow with a hoe and rake attached. Mike had the idea to restore the old walking plow and donate it to the Minnesota Farmers Union.

Mike wanted to restore the plow to its original condition. So, he called friend Greg Langer, a retired John Deere dealer who loved old John Deere equipment. Greg said he had a couple of John Deere walking plows that he planned to restore. He thought Mike should keep his plow because it had a long family history. Greg told Mike he would donate one of his plows to Mike if he would restore it and in turn donate it to the Minnesota Farmers Union.

You can see from the picture Mike did a great job restoring the John Deere walking plow. The new plow handles came from the Farmer Brown Plow Handle Co. in Pennsylvania. The new plow handles were only $80! I would like to find out how they made the bend in the handles. Can you bend wood that much? Mike said he was not sure if the plow will be on the lawn in front of the Minnesota Farmers Union office or in the lobby. It would be a shame to put the plow outside in the weather. I think it should be in the lobby. Why not take a picture of the walking plow, put it on a Minnesota Farmers Union sign and put that outside?

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