This John Deere Time Capsule was on display at the 91st National FFA Convention in Indianapolis. This is the 75th year that John Deere has been a major cooperate sponsor of the National FFA Foundation. In recognition of that there was this display inside of the Indianapolis Convention Center. After the convention many of the items on display, replicas of toy tractors, combines, some literature and a satellite receiver for a hands free guidance system will be buried in the Time Capsule.

Then in 75 years at the 166th National FFA Convention the John Deere Time Capsule will be opened. In addition the CEO of John Deere spoke at one of the delegate sessions. There are many cooperate sponsors of the National FFA Foundation. In addition there are many sponsors at the state level supporting the Minnesota FFA Foundation. Finally there are many more sponsors of local FFA Alumni Associations.

You may wonder if organizations like the FFA will be around in another 75 years? I am quite certain they will. Unless there comes a time when we do not need agriculture anymore because people do not have to eat!

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