A couple weeks ago someone put a Christmas Stocking up in the studio. So, I confiscated it by putting my name on it. I knew I was opening myself up to some abuse. I don't know why everyone picks on me because I never pick on anyone? However, it was fun to see what ended up in my Christmas stocking hanging in the studio thanks to a couple characters like Kelly and Harley!

Kelly put an eatable lump of coal in my stocking and Harley put a roll of Allis Chalmers orange toilet paper, plus, a lottery ticket. When I scratched off the numbers it showed I won $5,000. Too bad it was a fake! I should mention that friend of KDHL Shirley did put a Christmas Card in my stocking too! In addition Shirley loves to bake and she brought in all kinds of Christmas treats. In case you are wondering Shirley's chocolate covered rice crispy bars are the best!


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