Back in September, I told you that a popular pizza place in Faribault was up for sale. Basilleo's. Well it appears now that it will close Jan. 1

Owner Jeff Westad says the restaurant will close because it cannot compete with the cheaper pizza chains. Basilleo's put's out a quality, fresh ingredient pizza. But you pay more for quality. Around $15 to $20 per pizza. And many people can't afford that. And there are just too many other cheaper pizza choices in Faribault.

Westad told the Faribault Daily News that it's amazing the place has lasted this long. It's been a fixture for 57 years. He had some potential buyers, but they backed out.

Westad says he will take some time to think about what is next for him and he thanks the community for their support.

Basilleo's was formed when Brothers Basil and Leo Burger opened the business in 1960. Their first names were combined to form the pizzeria’s name.

Basillieo website photo
Basillieo website photo

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