I thought you would get a chuckle about my parking ticket that I found on my car Wednesday afternoon about 2:00 when I was heading out to the farm. When I get to the KDHL studio each morning a little before 4:30 I have my choice of parking spots right in front of the studio. However, I always park across the street in the Faribault city parking lot.

We have clients stop by to record their ads, we have guests coming for AM Minnesota and sales accountants are coming and going from the studio too. So, why should I take one of those close parking spots when my car just sits there all day long? So, I park across the street in the city parking lot which has an 18 hour limit. Yes, there is the "catch."

I am sure the Faribault Police Department saw my car always parked in the same spot each day and kind of assumed it was there for more than 18 hours, but it was not! Each day this week I was driving out to the farm in the afternoon. I did get a parking ticket 3 or 4 years ago when I was driving the KDHL vehicle each day to Farmfest near red Wood Falls.

My car was parked in the same lot. I just drove home each day with the KDHL vehicle and drove it back to the studio to go on the air. Then I would drive over to Farmfest. The third day I had a coworker notice that I had a parking ticket as the car had been there for more than 48 hours. I was fortunate that my car was not towed to the impound lot! I was parked right next to the sign that said 18 hour parking but a never even read the sign.

So, I deserved that parking ticket. Not knowing the law and regulations is not a defense for violating regulations. But, I do not deserve this parking ticket!

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