I have never been very superstitious but now I think I am. That's because If I was, I should have good luck after finding a horseshoe in the field? When I finished tilling a field late yesterday I folded up the wings of the field cultivator and noticed something caught on one of the shanks. Cleaning off the dirt I found this horseshoe.

I do not know much about horses but given the size of it I am pretty sure if was from a draft horse. I was not sure why horseshoes were considered lucky so I did a little research. The Irish version relates to the devil. One day a blacksmith was working forging horseshoes and the devil appeared demanding his own shoes. The Irish blacksmith recognizing the devil nailed burning hot shoes on the devil's hooves. The pain was unbearable and the devil quickly ripped the horseshoes off and vowed he would never go near a horseshoe again.

So, that began the tradition of hanging horseshoes to ward off evil spirits. Holding the horseshoe I thought about what it was like back when there were draft horses in the very field I was in? I prefer my pressurized cab with heater and air conditioner. Plus, consider how fast a field can be tilled with today's equipment compared to draft horses. So, hopefully this means I will have good luck with the weather this growing season?

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