The fast food breakfast world is healing. One of the great food atrocities of 2020 (although to be fair, there was a whole lot of atrocities going on that year) was McDonald's discontinuing their Breakfast Bagel Sandwich.

After petitions and social media activism, McDonald's quietly reintroduced the sandwiches in the biggest markets for a while. Now, more and more markets are bringing them back.

McDonald's is Slowly Bringing the Breakfast Bagel Back Nationwide

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Thus far, the bagels have popped up in New Orleans, southern California, central Pennsylvania, St Louis, Nashville, and New Jersey. An Iowa McD's posted on their Facebook page that the bagels will soon return.

As of this writing, the bagels haven't shown up on St Cloud-area McDonald's online menus yet.

A reminder of the awesomeness for those uninitiated:

  • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese
  • Sausage, Egg, and Cheese
  • Steak (STEAK), Egg, and Cheese

Buttered bagels, American cheese, and meat (the Steak bagels include grilled onions, which is gross to me). YUMMAH.

Another McD's Favorite is Coming Back, Plus A New Partnership

If Chicken McNuggets just don't have a enough kick for you, good news: McDonald's is bringing Spicy Chicken McNuggets back (fOr a LiMiTeD tImE).

Further down the fast food road: McDonald's will sell fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts the end of 2026.

What else should McDonald's bring back? I actually asked this a while ago.

One of the most popular answers? McDonald's Breakfast Bagels.

Now if they could just get the ice cream machines to reliably work, we could finally have world peace.

BIG3 - Week Eight
WRONG WORLD PEACE (Metta World Peace via Getty Images)

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