A year after singing at the NFL Honors event, Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins was joined on stage by New Orleans Defensive End Cam Jordan and the two ended up dancing at the NFL award show. Cousins looked like he was moving around pretty well too!

I'm going to be honest, I didn't even know the NFL Honors event was last night, and I didn't know Kirk would be performing for the second year in a row. But what I do know is with Kirk coming off an Achilles injury he was moving pretty well, check it out for yourself!

This performance comes just a year removed from Kirk singing at the award show.

It's clear to me that players across the league respect Kirk on the field, up until the Achilles injury he was an ironman who rarely missed a start. But other players are going to start to respect Kirk when it comes to performing on stage, as this is two years in a row that it seems Kirk has stolen the show at the NFL Honors event.

That wasn't the only time Kirk was seen yesterday, as he made an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show to talk about his recovery and his future being a free agent quarterback.

It looks like Kirk has a cane in the beginning of this video, which makes sense if he is sore from rehab, and apparently secret dance classes with Cam Jordan.

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