The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) recently started conducting player surveys to identify the best teams around the league, based on a number of factors. Coming out of the 2023 season, the 2024 survey results provide the second-annual grades for teams around the league.

While the Vikings did quite well in the 2023 survey results, the NFLPA says 2024 grades put Minnesota "into a tier of their own" along with only one other team in the league as world-class athletic workplaces.

The Vikings came in ranked #2 overall among best-graded teams in the NFL, falling just behind the Miami Dolphins, but standing way ahead of the competition according to the NFLPA's report.

While this #2 ranking is a slide from the top spot in 2023, the grades players provided a very glowing opinion of nearly everything involved in the team experience. This stands in a bit of a contrast when compared to their rival team the Green Bay Packers - especially in one very important category.

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Of the 11 different categories teams were graded on, the Vikings collected top honors in 4 of them and took 2nd place in 4 other categories out of all 32 teams in the league.

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The only places the Vikings didn't completely exceed in were in the team's training staff, food/cafeteria, and weight room facilities. While the team didn't do quite as well in those three categories they still remained in the top 10, even in their lowest-scoring areas.

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Here's a rundown of the grades and rankings for each category for the Vikings from the NFLPA's report card on the Vikings:

CategoryGradeRank out of 32
Treatment of FamiliesA1st
Locker RoomA1st
Training RoomA-2nd
Training StaffB9th
Weight RoomA8th
Strength CoachesA1st
Team TravelA-2nd
Head CoachA+2nd

The Miami Dolphins are the team that took the best spot overall, collecting #1 rankings in 6 different categories. Their soft spot was on the head coach position, where they ranked 8th best in the league.

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