The 2024 NFL Players Association (NFLPA) report cards are out for teams, providing insights into how players on each team feel about different aspects of the team they play for.

This is the second year the NFLPA has done this survey, looking back at the season.

In the 2024 rankings, the Miami Dolphins collected the best-graded team in the NFL, with the Minnesota Vikings coming in second place among all of the league's 32 teams. Wisconsin's team, the Green Bay Packers came in behind their rival Minnesota Vikings, there wasn't much of a discrepancy between the two NFC North team scores.

The Packers collected an admirable #3 overall ranking in the NFL, improving from the 6th best team in last year's player survey. There is one glaring weak spot for the team, which we'll get to in a bit.

The NFLPA's survey results highlight improvements made to some team facilities that include things like refreshed meeting spaces and upgraded underground parking. The Packers earned top-10 marks in team travel (accommodations, mode of transportation, etc.), food/cafeteria, ownership, weight room, and strength coaching. While some areas earned higher marks due to recent renovations, other facilities-based categories lost some points due to a need for updates.

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Several of the team's category rankings are in the middle of the pack among the league's 32 teams, but Green Bay does have one notable soft spot that stands out from the other, generally higher scores.

That spot spot? The head coach.

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Matt LaFleur earned a B+ grade, but comes in at #21 among head coach rankings around the league. That's not great. Why did LaFleur earn lower marks? While 92% of players say they feel LaFleur is efficient with their time (15th overall), they say that he is "moderately willing to listen to the locker room", placing him at 26th overall in that area.

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Teams with poorer head coach grades include the LA Chargers, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders, and league-worst Las Vegas Raiders.

Here's a look at how the Green Bay Packers scored in the main categories of the NFLPA survey:

CategoryGradeRank out of 32
Treatment of FamiliesC+10th
Locker RoomB-15th
Training RoomB11th
Training StaffB16th
Weight RoomA7th
Strength CoachesA-8th
Team TravelB+4th
Head CoachB+21st

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