After going into Dallas Super during Wild Card Card Weekend to rout the #2 seeded Cowboys 48-32, it's safe to say that the Green Bay Packers are on a roll at the perfect time of the year.

A big reason for the Packers success in the playoffs is the outstanding play of 25-year-old quarterback Jordan Love, who has proven all of his early-season critics wrong. Love threw 3 touchdown passes in his playoff debut. However, Jordan is proving that he is a winner off the field as well.

Before the team headed to Dallas, Love had a random encounter with a fan who was in a bit of trouble during a winter storm in Green Bay.

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According to multiple reports, 20-year-old Lucy Kurowski, who happens to be a Green Bay Packers fan, had just left a hair appointment when her car ended up stuck in the snow. As she struggled to get it into gear and free her car, she noticed a man outside wearing Packers attire which was consistent with team-issued warmups.

He walked back to his car and appeared to drive off, but then he turned around and proceeded to pull up next to her car.

As he got out of his car to ask if she was okay, Kurowski realized that this wasn't just any good samaritan, it was Jordan Love. She told FOX 11 News that at that moment she started "fangirling" and asked, "Are you Jordan Love?!"

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Love and Kurowski tried to push her car forward to get it moving but ultimately stopped because it wouldn't budge. That's when she got hilariously protective of her favorite team's QB and said, “This is not a good idea, you have a game on Sunday.”

Love agreed and the two parted ways, but not before Lucy was able to snap a selfie to capture the unbelievable moment.

Not surprisingly, that selfie and her story went viral, leading to a lot of media coverage across the country, including a visit with Good Morning America.

Jordan Love and the Green Packers will face an even tougher test this Saturday night when they head west to battle the San Franciso 49ers, who are the #1 seed in the NFC. After their performance in Dallas and with all the good karma now surrounding the team, another surprise victory is certainly possible.

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