Did you know the best-selling vehicle in America is the F-150? That's from overall statistics, but it does vary from state to state. Where you live can impact what kind of vehicle you drive. That got me wondering, what's the best-selling vehicle in Minnesota and Wisconsin?

I looked at some of these statistics before when I was wondering which states had more pickup trucks. With both states having so many rural areas I thought it would be a good comparison. It turns out that Wisconsin has just slightly more pickup truck owners than Minnesota.  

JD Power Tracks Vehicle Sales Across The Country

I went to JDPower.com to get the information. They're a trusted source for many consumers, and fortunately, they keep track of all kinds of statistics.

The best-selling vehicle in Minnesota

Automobile Manufactures Debut Latest Models At Los Angeles Auto Show
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If you think you see a lot of Chevrolet Silverado 1500 trucks driving around the Land Of 10,000 Lakes, you're not alone. Chevy's half-ton pickup is the best-selling vehicle in Minnesota. It's a versatile and capable vehicle that can handle snow, ice, and hauling toys.

The best-selling vehicle in Wisconsin.

Automobile Manufactures Debut Latest Models At Los Angeles Auto Show
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Once again, it's the Chevy Silverado. JDPower listed a lot of the same reasons why this vehicle is so desirable in Wisconsin, but they also pointed out that Midwesterners tend to buy American-made vehicles more than other parts of the country. Interesting, huh?

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Other states that also had the Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Minnesota and Wisconsin aren't the only ones that prefer the Chevrolet Silverado, North Dakota, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kansa, Indiana, and Georgia also had the Chevy as the best-selling vehicle.

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