A Duluth man has gone missing and the authorities where he was last seen have reached out to the public to help find him.

It was earlier in January that the Williams County Sheriff's Office in North Dakota notified the public through Facebook that Roger Shelton had gone missing. Northern New News Now reported that Shelton is from Duluth.

At the time, authorities only knew that he was last seen on the evening of Friday, January 5, 2024, in a residential area west of Williston near the intersection of Hwy 2 and 146th Ave NW.

Subsequent social media updates showed that authorities had advanced in their investigation to locate Roger Shelton.

Detectives are analyzing forensic records on his phone, bank accounts, and vehicles. Mr. Shelton has also been officially entered into the NamUs database, which is a national information system and resource center for missing person cases. We appreciate all of the information, tips, and leads the public has provided.

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In their most recent update, on January 12, the Williams County Sheriff's office had narrowed down the location where he was last seen. According to authorities, their search process had been able to determine that Mr. Shelton was last seen on the evening of January 5 at the Black Gold Casino on the Montana/North Dakota border.

However, despite that information, he remains missing and authorities want the public to continue to get the word out and provide any information they have. Here are details on Roger Shelton:

  • Date Of Birth: 3/2/1962
  • Height: 5’5”  (Updated Information)
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Brown

The Williams County Sheriff's Office would like anyone with information about him or his whereabouts to please contact them at 701-577-7700, or submit a tip anonymously, via NDTip: https://www.williamsnd.com/NDTip.

Even if you have no information, please share this information through social media channels as the more people who see this, the better the chance that he is located.

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