There are a lot of strange things that happen with it hits 30 degrees below zero, but you know it's cold when they can't even deliver THIS. 


Stop me if you've heard this one: Just how cold was it in Minnesota the past few days? It was sooo cold, they couldn't deliver... beer! That's right, our frigid weather put the kibosh on sudsy deliveries across much of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

According to this WISC-TV story, the extreme cold put a halt to beer deliveries because the beer would freeze on the trucks before they could get it to its destination. The story says that, much like water, beer usually freezes around 32 degrees-- perhaps a few degrees lower depending on its alcohol content.

But a high-temperature Thursday of a nippy 19 degrees below zero put a halt to most deliveries. "Most of the folks up north are not delivering," Mike Madigan, president of Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association, said in the story "Most distributors are not delivering in the Twin Cities, down south and out west," he noted.

Some kegged beer had already frozen on delivery trucks, even before we hit our coldest temperatures Wednesday, the story also said. Talk about having a cold one!

The news was even worse over in my home state of Wisconsin-- where they REALLY love their beer-- and where they were also experiencing similar frigid temps. Back in my old stomping grounds in Eau Claire, no beer was delivered Wednesday or Thursday, according to this Fox 11 story. Local beer distributors there said the extreme cold was "too hard on employees, the beer and the equipment," the story said.

When Wisconsin stops delivering beer because of the weather, you KNOW it's cold!

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