Saturday I borrowed our son in law Mike's new Dodge Ram pick-up to take 60 bags of seed out to the farm. This is not how real farmers handle seed. When you have a lot of acres to plant you get seed in big totes and use seed tenders or bulk seed. When you are a small part time farmer you still get seed the old fashioned way, in bags that weigh around 50 pounds. At least I had a nice truck instead of the Monte-Carlo pick-up!


On Saturday afternoon there was still snow in some areas of my fields. There was also a lot of snow along windbreaks and in road ditches. My father-in law always said when the last of the snow is gone you still have to wait 3 days for the fields to be dry enough to begin fieldwork. Notice in the picture if you look down the driveway you can see snow in the ditch. Maybe in a couple days you will see a lot of tractors in the fields!


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