Being a farmer you are really dependent on the weather. Sometimes you get hit with bad weather. It goes with being a farmer. Those of us that grew up on a farm and are the fourth or fifth generation you know and understand that sometimes you get hit with bad weather that can destroy your crop. In the case of this year maybe you cannot even plant a crop because of persistent and heavy rain.

Last week when I was at the Farm Broadcasters Convention a talked with another farm broadcaster that also farmed with his family next to the Missouri River. It was difficult to imagine what his family has faced this year. Last March the Missouri River flooded so quickly they did not have time to move out last years crop. The farmstead was flooded, the bins broke open and they lost last years crop. This year they were able to plant 60 out of 800 acres of corn.

When the levies broke the Army Corps of Engineers said it could take up to 2 years to repair the levies. That means it is unlikely they will be able to plant a crop next spring. Yes, their family will likely lose 3 crops in a row. It is difficult  to even try and comprehend what it is like for those farmers along the Missouri River.

This farmer tole me that his Dad and Grandfather always said that when you are farming along the Missouri River you have to plan on loosing your crop about ounce every 5 years. It still has to be difficult to lose three crops in a row.

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