I'm also wondering if this delicacy is grossest in Minnesota year-round!

I was checking out this article, and noticed a lot of love and hate for this particular food item. The harsh reality is, I can't even bring myself to try it. Not even once.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me bring you... the pickle dog. Have you had it at the Minnesota State Fair?


Apparently, there is a right and wrong way to eat this thing too! It's explained, "We love a crispy nibble dipped in ranch as much as the next person, but a battered and oil-bathed pickle poses only two potential outcomes: Bite into one fresh from the fryer, and you hazard a shot of searing vinegar in the eye; wait for one to cool and you get a lukewarm, slimy slice divested of its batter coat."

Yeah, no thank you! Sorry, pickle dog, but I don't think we'll be getting acquainted anytime soon.

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