Severe storms rumbled through southeast Minnesota again last night, and a tornado was even reported in Plainview. Luckily, no was was injured. But it got me wondering, why does it seem like tornadoes usually strike mobile homes?


While we were lucky in that, despite not having any warning, the tornado that dropped out of the sky near Plainview (check out some incredible video of the funnel cloud HERE) didn't cause any injuries.

That wasn't the case during that line of storms that hit Minnesota and Wisconsin Monday night. According to this WCCO-TV story, authorities now believe three separate twisters hit northwest Wisconsin, killing a 45-year-old man and flattening a mobile home park near Chetek in Barron County. Tragic.

But do tornadoes hit mobile homes more often, or does it just seem that way? According to the story, the National Weather Service says "8 percent of Americans live in mobile homes, but they make up 44 percent of the deaths from tornadoes."

While those facts are sobering, do tornadoes really hone in on mobile homes? Well, the story says, that part is a myth. "I think it’s simply because people are inundated with those news stories when the mobile home parks are hit because the damage is much more significant,” meteorologist Tom Hultiquist noted in the story.

Still, it's just another reminder to take Mother Nature seriously and always stay safe during Minnesota's severe weather season!

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