I took this picture Saturday evening about 8:00 from the combine cab. It was the last pass of 8 rows of corn and harvest 2021 would be finished! I think you have to be a farmer to understand how that feels, relief, satisfaction, thankful,  the end of many long days and short nights! I did not look at the picture until this morning. Then I noticed that green object in the sky ahead of the combine. Is that an unidentified Flying Object?

I suspect the green object in the sky is a reflection from the combine as I do have a green John Deere, but it does make you wonder if it was a UFO? When you are out in the field, late at night, in the middle of nowhere you sometimes see strange things. One night I saw a bright flash of light and an explosion. Apparently others saw it too. It was thought to be a small meteor.

By the way, notice how bright my lights are on the combine, almost like it was daytime? I retrofitted my combine with LED lights. There are 6 LED lights on the top of the cab and one on each side of the cab. It sure is nice and safer to be able to see at night!


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