Today marks 7 days until the election and it sounds like President Trump and his staff are weighing their options on a return trip to Southern Minnesota. President Trump has visited Minnesota a few times already in 2020, and IF he does make a trip this week, it sounds like it will be either Mankato or Rochester.

According to the Mankato Free Press, "the Trump campaign hasn’t officially announced the president’s schedule past Wednesday, but the campaign has notified the Mankato Regional Airport about plans for a potential rally there sometime on Friday."

Today according to the President's public schedule, he is slated to travel to Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska for rallies and this is after he traveled to Pennslyvania on Monday, and New Hampshire and Maine on Sunday for rallies.

IF President Trump heads back to Minnesota this week, the chance for members of the public to be in attendance will probably be rather low due to COVID concerns.

In the latest update to the fivethirtyeight.com poll taken this morning, a SurveyMonkey.com poll of voters show Biden with a 56-42 lead. It should be noted that fivethirtyeight.com graded the SurveyMonkey poll as a D-. The last A graded poll came out on October 22nd and has President Trump trailing Joe Biden by 6 points, 48-42.

Another race that the President might come back to Southern Minnesota for would be to assist in the Hagedorn/Feehan race in Minnesota's First Congressional District. The last poll tracked by fivethirtyeight.com was in September and showed both candidates deadlocked at 41 each.

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