A new ranking just out from wallethub.com only puts St. Paul 18th on a list of the "Best Cities for Hockey Fans." Several other Minnesota cities, including Minneapolis, Duluth, Mankato and Bemidji also make the list of 73 cities. But with Minnesota's highest ranking town barely landing in the top 20, it begs the question, "Is Minnesota still the 'State of Hockey?'

The folks at Wallethub only considered professional and college hockey. I imagine that including high school and youth hockey would have given Minnesota an unfair advantage, but that's just speculation on my part.

The rankings are based on 21 keys metrics centered around the success of NHL and college teams. Boston, MA earned the top ranking with the rest of the top five being Detroit, MI; Pittsburgh, PA; New York, NY; and St. Louis, MO.

Mankato was recognized as the Top Performing men's program in Division I. St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center was top five for seating capacity. In most years, it's fun to see the attendance at the Minnesota State High School boys hockey tournament compared to NHL games in other cities on the same nights.

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