An inmate at Douglas County Jail, 38-year-old Jon Treece, has been in and out of jail for much of his adult life. While he was in jail a few years back he took an art class where he learned some art skills. Since then, he's painted some really impressive murals in the Douglas County Jail.

Jon never thought he was talented though. He took this art class when he was in the Stillwater prison. Echo Press reports that after he got out he became a tattoo artist with the skills he learned. Unfortunately, he didn't get very far in his tattoo career because, like I said, he never thought he was any good.

He has since learned just how good he is at art thanks to the help of staff at the Douglas County Jail. He told Echo Press, "'Painting is always what I’ve wanted to do, but never thought I was good enough. And nobody has ever told me to just go ahead and do it.'" The staff encouraged him and gave him a huge canvas to work on: two walls in the recreation area of the programming space at the jail, and one wall in the meeting room/classroom.

Each of his murals are inspired by his life and what he's learned along the way, how the programs he's gone through while in jail have really helped him. One mural is of Big Ole and a Viking ship. Another is more spiritual: stairs leading up to heaven, God reaching out, and a rosary are some of the things featured in this mural. And the final mural is of "The Story of Two Wolves".

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