You're not alone, after COVID-19 many people lost their jobs or were laid off, so it's time to start hitting the pavement, but maybe a new one.

These are uncertain times and people are having to think out of the box and bold. Many people are worried they can't work in their field and still find a job with benefits. Sometimes what you are qualified for or have been doing at your current job will qualify you for another job. I've talked to people and some just want a change of scenery.

Jenny Blake is the author of Pivot and a career strategist and she told Linkedin that there are three factors to consider when thinking about a career change.

  • Risk Tolerance-personal like or dislike of uncertainty.
  • Pivot Runway-how much of a financial cushion you have in order to start new.
  • Urge To Move-whether you can face the obstacles you will have.

She goes on to say to Linkedin, that most people don't like change and wind up working in a field that is similar and wind up wishing they had never changed in the first place. Sometimes you have to sit down and look at strengths and weaknesses and how it will play out in other fields and careers and step outside your comfort zone. What are you good and interested in. Another tip is to look at doing projects with companies. Get hired as a contractor to learn some skills or add to your own.




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