Monday afternoon I finished planting the last few acres of corn and then began getting ready to plant beans. I was out in the field with a field cultivator when the thunderstorms moved in about 7PM. There sure was a lot of cloud-to-cloud lightning and I also saw a number of bolts of head downward to the ground. It can be dangerous being outside with a lot of lightning but I was in a cab. I have read that as long as you are in a tractor cab or car you are surrounded by metal and protected from lightning.

Driving back to Faribault there was some light rain and I noticed this huge fire in the western sky as I drove by Hope. This was one of the most impressive sunsets I have ever seen. When you are a farmer you are always watching the sky for weather systems moving in. Well, now you also watch the weather radar on your cell phone. This is one of the advantages of being a farmer and outside a lot. You are more likely to notice a sunset like this.

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