Recently I received a list of Immutable Laws from an unknown source. As I read them, they made me think of similar situations I have been in out at the farm. So, I renamed them Immutable Laws of Farming.

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    The Law of Mechanical Repair

    Have you ever noticed that as soon as your hands are covered with grease, dirt or manure your nose itches?

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    The law of gravity

    When you are working on a piece of equipment, especially on a ladder, any tool, screw, bolt or nut you drop will roll to the hardest place to find it.

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    The Law of Probability

    The probability of being watched will be directly proportional to how embarrassed you will be if you are seen.

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    The Law of Random Numbers

    When you are fixing a piece of equipment, you remember a call you need to make only when your hands are dirty. Then you touch the wrong area on your phone. You end up calling someone and do not know who it is. Ever notice when you call a wrong number someone always answers?

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    The Law of Close Encounters

    The probability of meeting someone you know when you go to town for parts increases dramatically the dirtier you are.

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    The Law of Result

    Ever notice that when the planter monitor will not work, it will as soon as Bill from Ag Power Enterprises gets there to fix it?

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    The Coffee Law

    You are in the tractor or combine cab and everything is going well. As soon as you pour a cup of coffee, something goes wrong. By the time it is fixed, your coffee is cold. Has happened too many times so I got an insulated travel mug!

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    The Law of Physical Surfaces

    The chances of dropping a sandwich on a dirty tractor cab floor are directly proportional to how hungry you are.

  • OFC Faribault
    OFC Faribault

    The Doctor's Law

    It has been a long harvest, you are tired and really don't feel well. Your hip is really hurting. You know you should get an appointment with Dr. Munch. You make an appointment, but by the time you get there you feel better. Don't make an appointment and you will wish you had!

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    The law of needing a nap

    Just thinking about all these laws applying to me wears me out. I need a nap!

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