Friday morning I was at the Goodhue County Fair in the Pork Producers Food Building. I has just gotten off the air after talking about the markets with Gordy at 8:30. I got a call on my cell from a farmer about an email he got from his broker the night before. The email said every county in Illinois had been declared a disaster area. This was because of how wet it was last spring and early summer.

In addition a few days ago Gordy mentioned on a market report that it had turned very dry in Illinois. They have received about 20 percent of their normal precipitation in June and July. With Illinois ranking Nation wide second in corn and bean production it would seem like this would be a huge news story. I have not heard or ready about this in any of the Ag Media?

I called Gordy Friday morning and asked him if he knew about the Illinois Federal Disaster declaration. He did not know about it either but said he would do some research. On our market report at 11:15 he said he went to Google and searched Illinois Disaster and there it was. So the real question is will or how will the USDA use this information in the August Supply Demand Report?

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