About a week ago the U.S. Customs Boarder Protection seized a very large shipment of illegal pork products from China before it entered the U.S. The shipment will be securely and safely dispose of which is in accordance with U.S. government policy. It is illegal to import pork or pork products from any country that has African swine fever. There is an outbreak of African swine fever in China. There are reports that 15 to 17 percent of their hog herd has been eliminated. However, I don't think anyone knows for sure other than this is serious!

African swine fever affects only pigs and poses no human health threat or concerns about food safety. The illegal shipment did not include fresh pork but products from pork like flavorings in ramen noodles. These pork products could transport African swine fever from China to the U.S. if the pigs that the products came from had the disease. This was the largest seizure ever of agricultural products at a U.S. boarder. There were more than 50 containers seized at the port in Newark, New Jersey.

If there was an outbreak of African swine fever in the United States it would devastate the pork industry. All of agriculture would feel the impact. Instantly the export of all pork and pork products from the U.S would stop. We export 25 to 30 percent of all pork produced in the U.S. All of that pork would have to stay in the U.S. market. We would have a huge oversupply that would also drive down the price of beef, chicken and turkey too.

There are estimates that an African swine fever outbreak in the U.S. would cost the pork industry $8 billion dollars, and corn farmers $4 billion. So, to the U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection, keep up the good work and do everything possible to keep this disease out of the U.S.


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